Friday, October 22, 2010


then again... never gone... just SOOOO busy... and tired....;-)

anyhow... want to blog from AU so resurrecting this blog...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

digit goes to siggrpah 08 day one

Headed for Siggraph 08, road trip

looking forward to an "all new Siggraph".... networking... seeing amazing art and graphics ideas...

digit the sock monkey along for the ride, "born on the road"...;-)

video here....

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

flower synergy

I am caught up in the gardens I pass every morning... watching them unfold as the days warm... this little race between Mexican Primrose and Prickly Pear flowers... a wonderful synergy... I'm wondering if the Primroses will still be in full force when the wet-year-cactus-blooms finally open up??? Will this be a tag team or a collaborative display???

Thursday, May 10, 2007

rambling thoughts

so... I'm almost at the end of my walk... 3 minutes from work... and I pass the newly landscaped apartments next door... and I notice, placed neatly at the base of each of three consecutive newly planted shrubs, a chimichonga... one of those flash-fried but-not-browned so-you-can brown-it-yourself models... three actually...

as I walk the last block, I'm amusing myself with possible scenarios... figuring a neighborhood dog will take care of them quickly... hoping that's not the point, with strychnine hidden within... it happens around here occasionally... even wondering if they might not be chimichongas at all, but rather rawhide mimics for dogs to chew on...

I wonder... where, exactly, could you report a "suspicious chimichonga" anyway?...;-)

the next day, they are still there.. and the next... they survive the weekend, and rain, and begin to blister... proving it is possible for an unbrowned microwave chimichonga to be any more disgusting...

each time I walk past them, I think I ought to photograph them... but I don't...

it's been nearly three weeks... I'm a little early yesterday morning and I stop and do the whole 6 photos, one near one far of each... and this morning... they are gone!

and I walk on... once more amusing myself with interesting thoughts about how we try to make order of things... in my "sensible" mind, I think "random toss from a car window, timing pure coincidence"... in my "synchronisity" self I think "is there a reason they remained just long enough for me to photograph them? are they gone now because that was the point?"... entertaining the wilder thoughts... "terrorists... lard bombs"...;-)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

wire as metaphor

the first curiosity this morning...
a little ball of wire.
And thinking of the
morning routine
I am trying to fine tune,
I think of the wire
as a metaphor for
Wire can be very useful,
hold things together for us.
But it can also bind
so tightly that we strangle.
It is even more beautiful
when old and rusty, and
always shows evidence
of its previous forms.
But if we bend it too
many times it
breaks... the uses
of wire...
and habits...
and a few blocks into
the reverie...
another wire curiosity...


I've always loved elm seeds,
especially the sound
as the wind skitters them
along the sidewalk...
and the way the light plays
when they are in motion...
and the patterns they form
as they snag along the ground.

I remember they made great
mudpie toppings,
and play money...
They are agressive,
hopeful plants,
rescuers of land after fire
(but a pain in the garden.)


parking lot
subsidized apartments
I guess it's really the
same idea
as the expensive
potted patio gardens
but this one