Thursday, April 12, 2007

wire as metaphor

the first curiosity this morning...
a little ball of wire.
And thinking of the
morning routine
I am trying to fine tune,
I think of the wire
as a metaphor for
Wire can be very useful,
hold things together for us.
But it can also bind
so tightly that we strangle.
It is even more beautiful
when old and rusty, and
always shows evidence
of its previous forms.
But if we bend it too
many times it
breaks... the uses
of wire...
and habits...
and a few blocks into
the reverie...
another wire curiosity...


I've always loved elm seeds,
especially the sound
as the wind skitters them
along the sidewalk...
and the way the light plays
when they are in motion...
and the patterns they form
as they snag along the ground.

I remember they made great
mudpie toppings,
and play money...
They are agressive,
hopeful plants,
rescuers of land after fire
(but a pain in the garden.)


parking lot
subsidized apartments
I guess it's really the
same idea
as the expensive
potted patio gardens
but this one

Monday, April 2, 2007

sideways glances

The wisteria is blooming,
on the warmer side of the street.
Truly beautiful.
I took the trite shot,
for the same reason
folks climb onto the bus
that joins the traffic jam
at StoneHenge or
that particular spot along
the Great Wall.
It is beautiful.
(But the luggage tag
is more intriguing.)


I know it's just
ponderosa pine needles
stuck in the grating
over an old
trash can alcove...
but it's creepy...
firing old synapses...
maybe synapses older
than any of my own memories.